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  • French kiss
  • GFE
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  • Massagio erotico
  • Masturbazione
  • Pompino
  • Rimming anale.
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Mandy è un Escort che lavora a Nyon (Vaud)

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Administration de Django Accueil ' Modération ' Demandes de certification à modérer ' Mandy ' Modifier la description Modifier la description Description : 💥⚡️✨Hello ️ ⭐️Honey ⭐️I'm a hot girl with style ⭐️Sexy ⭐️Girlfriend ⭐️I like to receive and give love ⭐️I'm a good choice for you ⭐️More beautiful 🌈🌈 have a scent, I'm friendly, I'm not' not into anything quick or mechanical, I like sex, I like that apart from a good massage, you have great service, delicious place, no extra frills, I'll be your girlfriend naughty! 🌕🌕 deep throat perfect anal cum in my body (100% real photos of my body, I guarantee my photos) ✅🌺🌹🌹 About me: a mix of sweetness and naughtiness. I am an outgoing, friendly and educated woman. I love to give and receive pleasure with my body. ☄️💥💫💫💫 I want to meet good men, French kisses with my tongue, oral sex without condoms, mutual care, perfect girlfriend experience :-) 💐💐💐 💐💐🌼🌼 Location: Switzerland Nationality: Chinese Age: 25 Body: Regular Black hair Eyes: Dark brown About me: Beautiful and full of humour Interests: Extremely deep, sexual and seductive men. English Availability: Every weekday Opening hours: 10am to 11pm Please contact me via WhatsApp or SMS, I don't answer the phone!!!


💥⚡️✨你好️ ⭐️亲爱的⭐️我是一个有风格的辣妹⭐️性感⭐️女朋友⭐️我喜欢接受和给予爱⭐️我是你的好选择⭐️更漂亮🌈🌈有香味,我很友好,我不是' 不喜欢任何快速或机械的东西,我喜欢性,我喜欢除了好的按摩之外,你有很棒的服务,美味的地方,没有多余的装饰,我会成为你的女朋友淘气!🌕🌕 深喉 完美 肛门 暨 在 我 身体 (我身体的 100% 真实照片,我保证我的照片)。✅🌺🌹🌹 关于我: 甜蜜与顽皮的混合。我是一个外向、友好和受过教育的女人。我喜欢用我的身体来给予和接受快乐。☄️💥💫💫 我想认识好男人,我用舌头的法式吻,没有避孕套的口交,相互照顾,完美的女朋友体验:-) 💐💐💐💐🌼🌼 地点:瑞士 国籍:中国人 年龄:25岁 身体:常规 黑发 眼睛:深棕色 关于我:美丽而充满幽默感 兴趣:极度深情,性和诱惑的男人。 英语 可用性:每个工作日 营业时间:上午 10 点至晚上 11 点 请通过 WhatsApp 或 SMS 与我联系,我不接听电话!! 


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